Coca-Cola 'swings' in music

Coca-Cola is the world's leading beverage brand and one of the most valuable brands in the world, with a wide range of well-known beverage brands including aerated drinks, coffee and juice.


Continued expansion of the brand presence and brand image to ensure absolute dominance of the product in the market and deepen the connection between the Coca-Cola brand and young people.

  1. Placement strategy
  2. Boomplay is the number one music app in Africa, popular with the local hip and energetic youth demographic, with a high market share and quality of users, and a strong local presence and leadership position. It is a perfect fit with Coca-Cola's brand positioning and promotion needs.Therefore, during the campaign period, Boomplay was used to give Coca-Cola comprehensive advertising exposure in a package of volume and days to reach people's hearts and minds and achieve the best marketing effect.

  3. Video Ad
  4. With brand promotion as the main theme, the brand's iconic red, positive and optimistic tone is used to produce fun, high-quality video material that reflects the brand's charm for promotion, and through native, inset and other video advertising forms to visually display the content of promotions and activities to attract users' attention and resonate with them.

  5. Rich Media Ad
  6. By capturing users' visual touchpoints through sound, 3D, Flash and other forms of expression, it triggers deep interaction with the target audience to feel the smooth and delicious taste of Coca-Cola, making the brand image deeply rooted in their hearts.

    Sample materials

Video advertising
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