HippoAD partners with WPP’s brand GroupM (Kenya)

Recently, HippoAD has established an official partnership with GroupM (Kenya), a subsidiary of WPP Group. In the future, both parties will deepen their cooperation, fully integrate and utilize their respective resources, traffic, data capabilities and integrated marketing advantages and experience, and jointly promote cooperation in various aspects such as big data analysis and integrated marketing.

GroupM (Kenya) is a leading digital media company which is a part of WPP, the world’s leading advertising group. As one of WPP’s digital marketing brands, GroupM integrates WPP’s strong buying power, technology and financial resources to achieve better marketing capabilities. Currently, GroupM has served over 100 clients and represented over 200 brands.

HippoAD is a leading mobile advertising platform of TRANSSION, focusing on mobile smart marketing service in Africa and India. Based on TRANSSION’s traffic accumulation and user insights in Africa, and relying on advanced big data intelligent delivery system, HippoAD provides advertisers with strategy, creativity, optimization and other integrated marketing solutions to help advertisers maximize marketing value.

This cooperation is an important deployment of HippoAD’s long-term development plan.

We believe that through the combination of GroupM’s profound international resources, technological advantages and HippoAD’s exclusive traffic resources and service capabilities, we will provide advertisers with richer and more efficient marketing solutions.

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