Consolicated Marketing Services

Advertising execution

Multi-dimensional delivery is carried out according to the requirements of advertisers. During the campaign, the operator adjusts the strategy in real time with 24-hour service and provides regular reports.

Full case marketing

With Excellent local team, deeply cultivate the local market, customize marketing strategies and solutions according to the actual situation, and assist advertisers to effectively implement local full case marketing.

Social media activity

Customize a variety of communication activities based on different social platforms, set the communication rhythm according to the pain points of local users, help the spread of activities and maximize the effect.

Online and offline resources integration

Integrate various online and offline high-quality resources in the market to help brands select the most cost-effective combination and usage scenarios.

Creative service

An experienced creative team customizes creative contents and activities based on local aesthetics and preferences to help advertisers improve conversion.

Star/KOL Marketing Management

Local exclusive MCN agency, select celebrities/KOLs for cooperation according to brand needs, Professional brokers will ensure that celebrities/KOLs execute advertiser needs on time and with high quality.

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