Oraimo integrated marketing campaign


Oraimo, as a TRANSSION’s brand dedicated to producing smart accessories, is committed to creating cool and creative products for young consumers around the world. It has successfully covered 43 countries and regions mainly in Africa and Southeast Asia.


  1. In the entire African market, the international smart accessories market is seriously homogenized, oraimo products have good quality but lack of topics, attention is not high.
  2. There is a huge cultural gap across Nigeria, so we customize our integrated marketing strategy based on regional cultural characteristics and plan our campaigns according to the needs of our users.


  • We combine the brand style, Chinese leading digital marketing strategy, local social background and media environment of Nigerian market, to create a campaign for being the king of Chinese electronic digital products in the African market.
  • Through a series of topics and marketing activities, the brand participation will be maximized to truly understand the needs of local users. The targeted plans of local activities stimulate users’ pain points, so that the communication effect and users’ impression of the product would be enhanced through channels provided by brand and activities. Online topic activity interaction exceeds 1million.
  • In the whole plan, various popular marketing methods are applied, such as e-commerce live streaming, offline marketing and occasion based marketing. These methods take the product itself as the starting point, integrate the creativity effectively, which expand the brand awareness and enhance the attention of product itself among consumers. “Trend”, the core of the brand, has been fully displayed.


Brand related information reaches 1 billion+ people worldwide.

Help oraimo’s brand awareness spread rapidly and increase sales.

Online store visitors reach 41k per month.

Shipments increased 34% year-on-year.

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