How did MTN achieve high ROI in HippoAD


MTN is the largest telecommunications operator in South Africa, and its current business covers more than 20 countries and regions in Africa and the Middle East.


In recent years, with the increasing number of mobile operators in Africa.
Competition between MTN and other operators such as 9mobile and Safaricom has intensified.
The promotion of each brand’s flagship service has become an important marketing battle for mobile operators.


HippoAD integrates MTN’s official social media platform and HippoAD’s exclusive traffic resources, through user tagging and multiple precision targeting techniques, precisely target MTN’s yello star event’s player fan crowd, game crowd and business crowd. And according to different scenarios and groups, we design different delivery materials and delivery channels.


Over 30M impressions, over 1M clicks, 155% more than the original KPI. And after optimizing the native material, the CTR has reached 1.5%+, helping MTN successfully promote its business and effectively improve the ROI.

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